Can I use a menstrual cup if I’m a virgin?

There is no contraindication to wearing a menstrual cup when you are a virgin.

However, a menstrual cup may seem imposing for a first insertion into the vagina.

That is why we have created a smaller menstrual cup, the Mini Vivacup, which makes insertion and use easier. If you have any questions about using the Vivacup cup, don’t hesitate to read our article here.


The most important point:

  • First, you have to feel comfortable with your body because to insert and remove a menstrual cup, you have to put your fingers in your vagina. It’s important to know all the parts of your body. Feel free to learn about your anatomy, familiarise yourself with your vagina and explore it. It deserves it.

And the hymen in all this?

When we talk about virginity, we talk a lot about the hymen. But anatomically, what exactly is the hymen?

At birth, the lower opening of the vagina is partially closed by a fold; this is the hymen.

At puberty, the hymen becomes elastic and gradually widens. So, it is possible to widen it sufficiently for a menstrual cup to pass through.

  • Cup and Hymen, the risk: The hymen may tear when inserting a menstrual cup (as can happen when using a tampon, or during the practice of some sports such as cycling, yoga, or even after a bad fall), so, if it is important to you that your hymen remain intact, it is better that you wait before using a menstrual cup.

Now you know more on the subject. We remain at your disposal if you need further information. You can contact us via our website or on our social networks.

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