How do I properly clean my menstrual cup ?

The use of a menstrual cup involves a few essential actions to keep your cup clean and protect your body from bad bacteria. We are going to go back over the basics of cleaning the cup for you with a 3-step cleaning routine.

1. Cleaning your hands 

A simple step, which is however often neglected. Remember to wash your hands before using the cup.

2. Cleaning the cup 

Why do I need to do this before each insertion?

Because the menstrual cup is reusable, it is essential to wash it thoroughly to eliminate any bacterial biofilm that may have formed during its use. The idea is to “start afresh” at each reinsertion with a properly cleaned cup.


To remove a biofilm, rinsing with water is not sufficient: it takes a mechanical action with a mild detergent to remove any trace of the biofilm and therefore bad bacteria.

Since silicone is a porous material, not just any old detergent can be used. Cleansers with perfume or alcohol are not recommended because they leave traces (of perfume or alcohol) on the surface of the cup. But the cup must be clean and free of any trace of ingredients that could disrupt vaginal mucosa.

That’s why we advise that you clean your menstrual cup with an intimate shower gel formulated without perfume, colourants, alcohol or parabens so that as few residues as possible are left on the menstrual cup. Intimate Gel meets these criteria and we recommend it.

3.Disinfecting the cup 

Why do I need to do this before each insertion?

The cleaning will have removed traces of blood and any possible bacterial biofilm. But disinfection is the most effective way to eliminate as many bacteria as possible.

Usually, the naturally occurring bacterial flora in the vagina creates an acid environment, which prevents the development of micro-organisms that can cause infections. Nevertheless, during menstruation vaginal pH increases, which promotes the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms that cause illnesses, such as fungal or other infections.

When a device is inserted into the vagina during menstruation (tampon or menstrual cup), some bacterial species tend to proliferate, including Staphylococcus aureus. This is why it is important to disinfect the cup before each insertion, or every 6 hours to avoid any risk of infection, including the low but existing risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

How ? It’s so easy to disinfect your menstrual cup! Your Vivacup comes with its own black box: the Vivabox. All you need to do is: Place everything Vivacup in a cup of water in your microwave, with the lid open, for 5 minutes at 750 Watts.Wait for it to cool down before handling Your cup is now disinfected and you can reuse it safely. Think of cleaning your Vivacup as part of your health and beauty routine.
1 / wash your hands
2 / remove all traces of blood and biofilm using the Intimate Gel
3 / disinfect your cup in the microwave. Before each insertion!

Carrying out these 3 steps before reinsertion or every 6 hours might seem like a pain, especially when you are outside or at work. We know this because we were the very first people to use our products.
So, that’s where our DuoPack comes in, a set of 2 Vivacups allowing you to swap your cups over more easily. You use your cup in the morning, and take the other clean cup in its box out with you. After 6 hours, you swap over your cups! Once you have arrived home and are able to, you carry out this cleaning routine again.

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