Menstrual cup : How to use it ? Instructions

To easily use the menstrual cup, quickly and effortlessly, it will probably take you one to two cycles to get used to your cup. It’s normal to be a little apprehensive the first few times, but don’t worry, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

What is menstrual cup?

During menstruation, a menstrual cup (also known as a cup or menstrual cup) is a feminine hygiene protection. It’s made consisting of a little bell-shaped cup with rounded corners that usually ends in a small rod to make removal easier.
This menstruation cup sits in the vaginal canal and collects menstrual flow without drying out the vaginal flora (because no absorption of blood like a tampon does).
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Why use menstrual cups instead of tampons or pads?

There are various benefits to the Women’s Cup that we promote. Let’s look at the most important ones:

The menstrual cup is completely risk-free: It’s composed entirely of medical platinum silicone. It is hypoallergenic, free of phthalates, bisphenol A, whitening agents, latex, dyes, and fragrances. As a result, your health and cleanliness are respected.

The menstrual cup is dependable: It provides leak-free protection. Because the blood is insulated from the air, it naturally avoids scents, allowing you to stay fresh throughout the day.
The menstrual cup is useful in the following ways:  You can take your Cup everywhere you want because it’s small and unobtrusive. When travelling, it’s perfect. It can be used at any time of day or night. Many women only empty their Cup once or twice a day, which is understandable.

The menstruation cup is easy to use: Inserting and removing the female cup is a breeze. You’ll fast forget about it after it’s set up. It fits well to the vaginal walls due to its flexibility and shape, allowing you to continue with your normal activities throughout your period.

The menstrual cup is cost-effective: In her lifetime, a woman will use roughly 12,000 tampons or sanitary napkins! For some years, a menstruation cup has been utilised. Make the calculations for yourself… You may save hundreds of euros by utilising our Women’s Cup!
The menstruation cup is environmentally friendly:
Using a menstruation cup also makes it easier to be environmentally conscious. No more superfluous packaging (packaging, plastic protections, plastic bags…), no more sanitary napkins in the garbage, and no more tampons in the toilets… and in nature!
Another benefit… not insignificant: a menstrual cup keeps you looking good even when you’re on your period. Naked nights, fine lingerie, vivid outfits… You will no longer have the protruding string or the “large” panties to retain the sanitary napkin in your privacy! All of this is done for your enjoyment… and the enjoyment of your companion.

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menstrual cup vs tampons

What about the tampon comparison?

The tampons absorb the flow while the menstrual cup catches it. As a result, utilising the Cup does not cause your vagina to dry out or get irritated. Furthermore, you use a single Cup for several years, but a woman’s lifetime tampon usage is estimated to be in the thousands.On the last day, pee tends to flow up into the vaginal canal when using a tampon. while urinating along the string. With a menstrual cup, this is not the case.
The Women’s Cup is thus far safer, more convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly than a tampon.

How to use menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup might take some getting used to, whether you’ve never had your period before or have had it for several years. However, once the helping hand is extended, you will be unable to function without it.
If you’ve ever used a tampon before, you may recall that it took a few tries to get the right position, feel comfortable with it, and know when to remove it.
The Women’s Cup will be no different! The lifespan of a menstruation cup is several years. You’ve got plenty of time to adjust. First, try it at home in a relaxed environment.

To get started with the menstrual cup, follow these steps:


Menstrual cup folding methods :

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before each use of the cup. Each person has their preferred method. You should take some time to find yours by trying several of them. Once you’ve found the folding method that best suits you, you’ll see that insertion will become quicker and easier.    Our favourite method is the ‘punch down’ method because, with this folding method, the insertion point is very small, but it’s really up to you to choose the one you prefer. We also advise you to get an idea by looking at all the folding methods.

How to insert a menstrual cup?

During your first attempts, why not try inserting your Vivacup in the shower in a squatting position? The hot water will help you relax. If you get nervous, your perineal muscles will contract making it more difficult to insert and remove. Take the time to find a quiet, pleasant place where you feel good and that helps you relax.

Once you’ve folded your cup, gently guide it into your vagina, inserting it towards the base of your spine. Try to keep the cup folded until it is completely inside of you.

And if I have leaks ?

You may have leaks the first few times you use it. Don’t get discouraged.

There are two different reasons for leaks:

  • Your cup is not properly positioned:
    Menstrual cups are worn low, just at the entrance to the vagina. They are not worn as high up as a tampon. To see if it’s properly positioned, you can grab the base of the menstrual cup and rotate it. If it turns, it is properly positioned and unfolded.
    Then you can run a finger along the cup, move it up to the base of the cup to check that the menstrual cup is properly opened.

  • Your cup is not the right size : 
    If the cup does not fully open, it’s too big for your vagina or is placed too high.
    If there is no suction, the cup is too small. You can consider trying the next size up.

If you want to be completely secure the first few times, you can wear a panty liner in your underwear for added peace of mind.

How do I remove it ?

Before removing it, remember to wash your hands again.

As with insertion, you can remove it while taking a hot shower. You can also squat, stand, sit on the toilet or lift up one of your legs up by placing it on the edge of a bathtub, for example. Here too, the important thing is to be relaxed and find the position that best suits you.

You will then need to put your fingers in your vagina to locate the menstrual cup.
If the cup is high and you have trouble reaching it, above all, do not panic. It’s not serious. Exhale, inhale and push on the muscles of your pelvic floor, as if you were using the toilet. The cup will come down a little and you’ll be able to grasp its base more easily.
Once you’ve grasped the base, pinch it to release the suction cup effect and slowly pull on this base to lower the cup.

Then all you have to do is empty your cup into the toilet, shower or sink.

The sight of blood 

This may be the first time you see your blood in this way. Remember that it’s your blood, and that periods are a completely natural phenomenon.

Finally, know that you can safely reuse your cup. 

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